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LH Labs Geek Pulse Fi DAC

LH Labs Geek Pulse Fi DAC

250.00 USD

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I am cleaning out some stuff from the storage cabinet because I can use the cash for a new amp.


If you are reading this, you probably know the checkered history of LH Labs and its scam crowdfunding.  You may also know that I was one of the crowdfunders who assembled the infamous complaints to the California AG's Office and the Federal Trade Commission.  See this thread for some bedtime reading: 


The saddest part of the LH story is that the products that LH actually delivered were good.  I was one of the lucky few who received a VI DAC and it was one of the best I ever have used in my main system.  This Geek Pulse Fi DAC, which is a mid-level model upgraded from the basic, RCA-only version, sounded quite good in a desktop system playing from JRiver with Windows drivers.


There was no manual and the LH Labs website is history, so I found it difficult to get specific details for this ad.  Here is what I found in another reseller's ad from a few years ago. It purported to be from LH's advertising at the time:


"LH Labs Website:  Description & Specifications

"Geek Pulse is the world's most powerful 32/384 kHz + DSD128 desktop DAC and 3000 mW headphone amplifier.

"Geek Pulse is Designed to be Different. Instead of just barely getting the job done, it goes the extra mile to get the job done well. Very well. So well that there's no other DAC that can do what it does without having to pay three times the price.


"USB Audio Class 2.0 input with other 4 digital audio inputs all converted to 3L buffered I2S signal, then send to DAC IC
Full balanced current output then transconductance amp then summing up output amplifier
Two audiophile grade low jitter TCXO with super quiet power circuit and mu-metal shield
Digital Inputs:
One USB 2.0 Type B Female
One set SPDIF via TOSLINK (JIS F05 Female)
One set AES/EBU (AES/EBU input compatible SPDIF signal by Adapter)
Two set SPDIF via RCA Coaxial
Supported Native PCM format: 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192, 352.8K, 384 kHz in 16/24/32 bit
Supported Native DSD format: 2.822, 3.072, 5.644, 6.144 Mega Hz / 1bit (via USB 2.0 Input) Support both DoP standard 1.1 and Native DSD (requires ASIO driver)
Patent Pending: 3L buffer by Light Harmonic Dual loop re-clock for all digital audio inputs
Digital Filter: Two mode selectable: Time Comprehension Mode (TCM) and Frequency Response Mode (FRM)
Line Output Configuration: One pair Single- ended via gold plated Switchcraft RCA
Single-ended output voltage and impedance: 2.1Vrms (47 Ohm)
Headphone output configuration: Single-end via 1/4" TRS Headphone Jack
HP Single- ended output voltage and impedance: 1.8V / 3V / 6.8V switchable (0.47Ohm flat in 20~20K Hz range)
THD+N: Better than 0.005%
SNR: Better than 110dB
Frequency Response: 1-50K (-3dB) control by Bessel analog filter
Power Input: 12V DC - 650mA ~ 950mA depend on system load and sampling rate"


This unit includes a femto clock upgrade and another upgrade package for which I no longer can remember or ascertain details.  I have the original packaging and power adaptor.  I also will provide a disc with Windows drivers as they no longer are available, although I recall being able to use this with Windows standard ASIO drivers.  (I no longer have the included USB cable. I can include a generic if you need one, but I used upgraded ones and you will want to, as well.)


God only knows what the MSRP was, since most of LH's price advertising was complete fiction.   I was in at about $500 or so, including postage, for this unit. 


Prefer to sell in lower 48 USA, but will ship overseas.  Buyer pays postage and 3% for PayPal unless you use Friends and Family. 


This, with two of my other DACs, is my first listing here, but I have sold some things at Audiogon under the username MikeRubin.  Check feedback there.

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