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UpTone Audio UltraCap LPS-1.2 + UpTone Power Supply + Output Display

UpTone Audio UltraCap LPS-1.2 + UpTone Power Supply + Output Display

400.00 USD

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Gently used, excellent condition. Board version 1.4.  [Note - I have two of these for sale, listed separately]

From UltraCap LPS-1.2 – UpTone Audio:

The world's first bank-switching, microprocessor-controller, ultracapacitor-based, ultra-low-noise external linear power supply has arrived!

In development for more than a year, and with 262 parts on the double-sided, 4-layer circuit board, this tour de force of engineering challenges traditional notions about what is important in power supply design.


Use of the UltraCap™ LPS-1.2 in a quality music reproduction system will yield surprisingly audible improvements, and we invite comparisons to any other low voltage linear power supply.

The LPS-1.2 is a single output, 1.1-amp linear power supply intended for powering a wide range of audio and computer devices.  Examples include: UpTone's own ISO REGEN, the Sonore microRendu and ultraRendu, SOtM streamers, small DACs and headphone amps, USB>S/PDIF converters, specialty computer USB cards, SSDs, fibre media converters, PS Audio LANRover, SqueezeBox Touch, etc.


A switch on the back of the LPS-1.2 allows for setting of the output voltage to 5V, 7V, 9V, or 12 volts. The input and output jacks of the LPS-1 are standard 5.5mm x 2.1mm size DC barrel connectors.


"I recently replaced one of my LPS-1 with LPS-1.2, and like the result quite a bit.  While trying this new supply, I also put it in other positions in my system to compare, the result in raising the SQ seems consistent, so a week later, I ordered another two to replace two other LPS-1's I have. With one week of burn-in, I am pleasantly surprised how much more the improvement is.  I knew the improvement would be quite tangible, but for sure was not prepared to be this much.  Overall detail retrieval, smoothness, dimensional layering, space between instruments are all took a nice step up.   Kudos to UpTone for this fine product!" —Kevin S., Fremont, California

Note, The UltraCap LPS-1.2 has a small, 3-pin (standard 0.1” header pin spacing) port for measuring output voltage and device current draw.  Typically measuring the current draw of a device requires putting an ammeter in series with the power cable (DC or AC) feeding it.  But this clever port provides a measurement of current with a voltage: 1 Volt equals 1 Amp.  So if you measure 0.2V (across the pins labeled ‘G’—for ground—and ‘I’—for current), that means the device you have attached to the output is drawing 0.2A or 200mA. The pin labeled ‘V’ always outputs the voltage that the LPS-1.2 is set to.  Small displays are available cheaply to use this.

I am including such a display which can be inserted into the GVI header (black wire goes to the 'G' pin) for real-time monitoring of output amperage!

Note, UpTone is NOT accepting orders for these due to supply shortages, so your only chance to get one is the secondary market.

Price includes shipping to CONUS only and PayPal fees.

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