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Auralic Vega DAC with Integrated Preamplifier

Auralic Vega DAC with Integrated Preamplifier

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One carefully looked after AURALIC VEGA Digital Audio Processor with integrated preamplifier

I bought this device from Audio Emotion in September 2013 and have enjoyed it for the past six years. The run hours counter shows 2680.

All the features work on this DAC as does the remote.  DAC comes with its original box, mains lead, CD and user manual. 

Extract from the Manufacturers User’s Guide. Revision 1.1

·        AURALiC Sanctuary Audio Processor

Sanctuary audio processor, the heart of VEGA, is based on multi-core ARM9 architecture with calculating capability at 1000MIPS, ideal for handling multi-channel high resolution music. VEGA supportS DXD format (352.8KS/s and 384KS/s PCM signals in 32bit) as well as DSD stream at2.8224MHz and 5.6448MHz in native through 'DoP V1.1' transmission protocol.

·        Megahertz Upsampling


The internal megahertz up sampling  algorithm can process and up-sample all incoming PCM signals to technology process and up-sampling all incoming PCM signal to about 1.5MHz in 32bit depth. Which not only improves the precision of the DAC, but also create a new Nyquist frequency for all PCM signals  farther away from the top end of audio frequency. As a result, our engineers are able to design a brand new analogue circuit structure with larger bandwidth and faster slew rate.

·        Femto Master Clock


Femto master clock utilizes aerospace grade crystal oscillator, ultra low noise linear power supply and temperature compensation technology to generate the master clock with extremely low jitter at 82 femtoseconds. More importunately, the phase noise which affect sound quality a lot has been dramatically reduced to -168dBc/Hz.

·        Flexible Filter Mode

VEGA has six built-in modes each contains several digital filters optimized for corresponding sampling rate. These filters are developed under AURALiC's subjective auditory sense and objective testing data relationship models with the goal of optimizing the listening experience of different music in all formats.

·         AURALiC ORFEO Class-A Output Module

In order to drive various loads, matching different power amplifiers, VEGA is equipped  with AURALiC's patented ORFEO Class-A module. The principle of this module is to use a mass of small signal components with best linear characteristic. By packing them though a thermal balance procedure and biasing the transistors into Class-A, ORFEO achieves impressive performance with open loop distortion less than 0.001%.


Frequency Response
20 - 20KHz, +/- 0.1dB*

<0.0003%, 20Hz-20KHz at 0dBFS

Dynamic Range
130dB, 20Hz-20KHz, A-weighted

Digital Inputs
1*USB 2.0 buffered by ActiveUSB™

Analog Outputs
1*Balanced XLR(output impedance 4.7ohm)
1*Single-ended RCA(output impedance 50ohm)

Supported Digital Formats
All PCM from 44.1KS/s to 384KS/s in 32Bit**
DSD64, DSD128, DSD256***

Output Voltage
4Vrms at Max. with dynamic-loss-free digital volume

User Interface
AURALiC RC-1 remote control
512*64 pixels OLED Display

Power Consumption
Standby: <2W
Sleep: <10W
Playback:  15W at max.

11''W x 9''D x 2.6''H (33cm x 23cm x 6.5cm)

The unit weight is 3.3kg.

*       Tested under Mode #1 for all sampling rates

*       352.8KS/s and 384KS/s are supported through USB only

*       By ‘DoP v1.1’ protocol through USB only

Serial number 1736

If you need to connect this DAC to your Windows OS based music server/pc. The device driver CD is included, however, a more up to date version is available on the manufacturers support web page.


Postage and Payment;  I would prefer to to sell this to someone in the UK for cash but can ship to Western Europe if you would agree to pay the extra postage and insurance costs.


Price ex postage £890 or nearest offer.

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