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Vacuum Tube Closet Cleaning

Vacuum Tube Closet Cleaning


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Lampizator Atlantic TRP Tubes for Sale


Prices do not include PayPal fees or shipping.


Output Tubes:

Tesla EL51 pair + Philips EL51 single - sold as new (without adapters).  Tesla pair used about a year. Philips had loose base which I repaired and is unused except to test. $75 for all 3. (I also have a Philips EL51 which was DOA which I can include if you’d like to try to fix it. )

PSvane 6CA7-TII Pair in original box.  Used a month or so $75

RFT EL34 Pair (Came new with my TRP -- only used to test) $50

GEC KT66/CV1075  Pair Brown base Date code 02/64 according to seller. Used for a few months $125



WW2 RCA 5R4GY (sometimes called WE Killers) 2 of these

Used about a year $35. Not used $75

Brimar/ STC Oldway 5R4GY  Double mica  Used about two months. $50

Haltron 5R4GY Double mica Used a couple of months only. $25

PSVane Acme 274B  used a month or two at most. $100 SOLD


If these prices seem out of line and you are interested please make an offer.


12AX7 List

Many of these have already sold. I have a list of what is left, all are $5 or $10. There are still some interesting tubes left. PM if you would like the list.

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