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Price reduced AGAIN! Rogue Audio Ares phono preamp with Magnum upgrades and NOS RCA tubes

Price reduced AGAIN! Rogue Audio Ares phono preamp with Magnum upgrades and NOS RCA tubes

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I purchased this preamp new from Stereo Unlimited in San Diego and sent it back to Rogue for the Magnum upgrade in 2018 or so. The NOS tubes (recommended by Andy at Vintage Tube Services) made such an improvement in sound quality that my non-audiophile wife immediately noticed the difference. Both the manufacturer-supplied J&J and the NOS RCA tubes have about 500 hours of use and should be good for years to come. The unit is suitable for moving-magnet or moving coil cartridges, and offers a substantial range of settings from an easily-accessible hatch on the top. The outboard power supply and custom cables keep noise away from the system. Shipping costs will depend on where it's sent, but it will travel in the original packaging and be quite safe.

Feel free to ask any questions.

From the manufacturer's website:


An ultra-high performance low noise tube phono preamplifier for low, medium, and high output mc and mm cartridges. Truly fantastic sounding!

Magnum version now available - Vinyl lovers are passionate and driven to get the absolute best sound from their system. As good as the Ares is, we regularly received requests for modifications to make it even better. We listened and packaged these modifications together to make the Ares Magnum. The Magnum version adds additional gain for very low output cartridges, improves inner detail , and improves accuracy. The upgrade includes:

- Cinemag "blue label" step up transformers
- PRP resistors in critical spots of the signal path
- Mundorf Supreme inter-stage coupling caps
- Cardas internal wiring
- Upgraded Cardas RCA jacks
- Compatible with almost all low,medium and high output moving coil (mc) and Moving magnet (mm) cartridges.
- Pure tube circuit topology
- Precise RIAA equalization
- Massive fully regulated outboard power supply

Additional Information:

Dec 28, 21 3:38pm
Brief review from Stereophile:


Made in the US, this beautifully built, all-tube design uses pairs of 12AX7 and 12AU7 tubes, has CineMag step-up transformers for low-output moving-coil cartridges, and provides 27 DIP switches for three levels of gain (MM/high-output MC, 0.5–1.0mV; MC, less than 0.5mV) and capacitive loading options. Matched with the Shure V15VxMR MM cartridge, the Ares produced a fully developed, harmonically rich, and three-dimensional aural picture, said MF. Through its MC input, the Ares had a fast, dynamic, slightly dark overall sound, with a slightly thin mid- and high treble. "That Rogue can offer this beauty for only $1995 makes you wonder what some of the other manufacturers are smoking," marveled Mikey.



Rogue Audio Ares Phono Preamp
Magnum factory upgrade (Mundorf caps, Cinemag stepup transformers, upgraded wiring and resistors
Original power cord and packaging
Original (J&J) tubes supplied by manufacturer (J&J)
NOS RCA tubes from Vintage Tube Services

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