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Misho Myronov Handmade Tube Preamplifier

Misho Myronov Handmade Tube Preamplifier

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Stunning 100% hand-built cult tube preamp with almost $1000 in NOS tubes. It is essentially new and just burned-in. It is such an incredible giant killer of a Pre that I wouldn't mind just keeping it for a second system later but hate to see it just sitting around.  

Normal wait time to have one of these built is 6 months to a year. I waited 6 months to get it and have only had it for 3. Only selling to move way up the ladder but its as good as 10-15k Pres.

It is based on one stage, C3m in triode mode, in a transformer loaded circuit. Very short path, attenuation is via a Khozmo attenuator, and even this is excluded from the sound path, used only for shunting. The amplification factor is +6 dB.

The wooden chassis is a complex layered structure, with great vibration adsorbing properties with no magnetic or conducting properties that avoids stray currents/grounds.The preamp is really difficult to overload, it will hold well input signal up to 5V RMS, and can provide with up to 20V RMS output. Normal listening position the own noise/hum level is less than -100dB.

Here is some reading material:



Also good article by Kedar Desay

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