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My full system for sale. Individually

My full system for sale. Individually

10.00 USD

  • Price 10.00 USD
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Hi Guys


I will be listing all my loved hifi on here in the next few days. Please see my PDF in my profile for details. 

Main Items

ASR Emitter II Blue

Sonus Faber Amati Homeage Speaker+Symposium platforms




Server, Taiko ATX, Fis audio cables, new Darkforce NVME, Pink Faun Ultra USB, JCAT XE, DC3 unregulated LPS. DC3 2 x 5v rails. Double, double regulated. Another DC3 with 4 rails, all 12v. 2 rails double, double regulated and 2 double regulated. 

Many great cables & symposium gear

I’ll list everything properly in a few days. 

The only thing I can’t send outside the UK is the speakers. I don’t have boxes. I have boxes for everything else. 

Anyone in the UK interested I will deliver personally & setup if you like. Bank transfer or cash on delivery. 

Bargains to be had. PM me if interested 


Whole room of GIK acoustic panels also




Recommended Questions

Thumbs up for an awesome system that took years to assemble! Hopefully it goes to a good home.



I’ve had lots of messages so far. Bear with me, I will get back to everyone. I plan to list everything on Monday & get back to you all with prices. Thanks

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Hi,i m interested on the dc 3 dual rail 5v.

But you say it is unregulated,i dont get that,it should be ultra linear power supply right? The sj dc unregulated is not here yet isnt?



It’s a 3 rail box. 

Rail 1 - Unregulated 24v

Rail 2 - Double, Double regulated 5v

Rail 3 - Double, Double regulated 5v 


More details to follow in coming days. 

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