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Sean Jacobs DC3 dual rail LPS *NEW PRICE*

Sean Jacobs DC3 dual rail LPS *NEW PRICE*

1,550.00 USD

  • Price 1,550.00 USD
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Sean Jacobs DC3 LPS with dual outputs, internal Neotech wiring, grounding post, silver front, original box etc.


- 19V High Current Boost Module (up to 5A)
- 5V Extra separately-regulated output


2 DC cables are included (1m each, Neotech wiring), one with GX16-3 connector and one with 5.5/2.1mm connector.


The unit was built and delivered by end of April, 2021.


Shipping from Sweden to anywhere in Europe (EU) included in price.


Price: 2250 1500 EUR.

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