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C.A.P.S. V2

C.A.P.S. V2

230.00 USD

  • Price 230.00 USD
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In 2013 I assembled the CAPS v2 as described by Chris Connacker:   https://www.computeraudiophile.com/ca/ca-academy/computer-audiophile-pocket-server-caps-v20/


The server is fanless with no moving parts and benefits from an eSATA port.  Parts employed:


Motherboard: Jetway NF96FL-525-LF ($167)

CPU: Intel Atom D525 1.8 GHz dual core 64 bit (included with motherboard)

RAM: 4 Gb (2 X 2Gb) 667 DDR2 ($106)

Power supply: Casetronic PW-12V5A-L5 60w supply ($23.50)

Case: Origen M10 (black) ($320)

SOtM tX-USB PCI to USB card ($339)

SOtM In-Line SATA Power Noise Filter ($65)

SSD: 64mb


I initially installed Windows 7 Ultimate and JRiver MC 16.  Eventually I replaced Windows 7 with WS2012 and Audiophile Optimizer (1.3 or 1.4, I don’t recall which).  I recently upgraded to WS2016, AO 2.20 and JRMC 23 and think the sound improved, however no measurements were made and no attempt to minimize conformational bias undertaken.  I am unable to transfer the AO and JRMC software (vendor’s restriction) and am reluctant to transfer the WS2016 (I bought this on eBay for a song and have concerns about authenticity even though the OS registered when installed).  I’m, therefore, selling the server with no OS.


The case isn’t perfect (6.5/10), but functionally the server is excellent.  I think $230 including CONUS shipping and PayPal fee is a fair price.


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