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T+A DAC 8 DSD (copper + panzerholz edition)

T+A DAC 8 DSD (copper + panzerholz edition)


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So this is one of the longest owned items in my Hi-Fi history (5yrs+), and to replace it took buying its (much more expensive, but feature packed) big brother, the T+A SDV 3100 HV in its place.  


The reviews are correct on this one, however this one has the Copper plates with panzerholz bedding (PCB sits on panzerholz) at an additional £650 cost, along with the 3 panzerholz pucks which they sit on (silver feet beneath, you slip them in).  Best to be used on hard surface.  In short you get a wonderfully harmonic rich sound, lower noise floor, refined, wider sound stage and even finer details, along with the trademark "live" and "palpable" performance that T+A when fed DSD is known for. 


The T+A has a signature sound that quite frankly I've not found anywhere else, along with the ability to truly scale to what is being fed by its USB port (i.e. not a single upgrade upstream was not reflected out of its XLRs).  I know, I've tried other DACS, they all end up being sold on at some point...  There's a very long thread on this forum still discussing this DAC, time to time.


To get the best out of this requires running HQPlayer, DSD 512 rates, ideally with a good (JCAT XE USB card) USB card and cable.  Any modern-ish PC 2016 onwards will handle this.

In 2019 T+A checked the health of the unit and replaced the 2 clocks whilst there.  In transparency the optical in's port flap has disappeared somewhere (!) but still works fine.   Slight mark on top back of plate, barely can see mind.


I have the original box so shipping isn't a problem, but be warned its no longer 4kg but 11-12kg in weight when you pull it out the box!!  I think less than 15 of these (copper edition) exist in the world.


£1950 + p&p 


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