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Gustard A22 w/ USB Option

Gustard A22 w/ USB Option

890.00 USD

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Superb sounding DAC, no digital harshness in addition, great output section that works as a pre-amp if you choose. It's very solid and heavy too.

“DAC-A22 shown to me that if you know how, musical and smooth sounding sources can still be made with flagship D/S chips too. I had absolutely nothing to reproach in the frequency response as from the lowest to the highest octaves, everything was preserved clean, defined and transparent. I consider it having an amazing tonal balance, offering a warmer and heavier tonality, add that impressive holographic image, a wide soundstage on all axes, a smoother presentation and you could listen to music all day long without any listening fatigue.

It also got the title as the best preamp from all DAC + preamp combos that I have tested around here so if you are searching for a nice All-in-One, this just might be the best option for you.”

“A22 presented itself open wide sounding, with a precise pin-point imaging. It was slightly smaller sounding compared to the Audio-GD R7 but at the same time the sharpness and leading edge was considerably better defined on the A22. It sounded impressively clear and detailed; I was particularly impressed by the top-end.

"I connected sensitive IEMs as FiiO FH7, I pushed the volume much higher than my comfortable level and started listening to some of my favorite tracks. No matter how hard I pressed myself, the good power filtering said its final words in here, background is simply as black as I’ve heard on any other top-performing DACs. ...I’m pleased to report, that I experienced absolutely the same in the speaker setup.

DAC-A22 is a very resolving and transparent sounding DAC and if resolution is your thing, it could be easily compared to the best ones. This is still the second AK4499 based DAC that I have listened to, but boy, it already outperformed most of the ES9038 PRO based DACs and some of them at higher price points.

It’s not hot news to anyone that out of all D/S sigma DACs, a dual mono AKM design can’t be beaten at their own game and A22 is not shy in showing that off. Even the cheaper Topping D90, sounded exceptionally airy and almost limitless in terms of width. A22, with a close to zero crosstalk, especially on the XLR output is making even crowded hardcore very manageable and easy to focus on anything you want.”

—Sandu Vitalie, Soundnews.net

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