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Wavelength Brick N2

1,250.00 USD

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This ad is for a Wavelength Brick N2 DAC. This DAC started out as a Brick V3 DAC and was upgraded by Gordon Rankin himself in September 2020, at Wavelength Audio.

It’s essentially a new DAC as the board and caps (fancy Mundorf MCap EVO SilverGold Oil) are completely new. It comes with the optional - and better sounding, in my opinion - Mortar power supply for US electricity, instead of a wall wart supply (a $500 upgrade). I can throw in a generic power cord if you need one. Overall, the DAC is in very good shape.

The Brick N2 is a tube NOS hybrid DAC. It uses a TDA1543 chip with a 12AU7. I will include a new JJ 12AU7 that sounds good, but the unit is sensitive to tube rolling. My favorite tube was an RCA clear top that I am keeping as I have other equipment that uses 12AU7.

This DAC is USB only (with the better sounding low jitter asynchronous protocol that Gordon Rankin, the maker of the DAC, invented) and works flawlessly. No clicks, no pops, no weirdness of any kind. It is recognized immediately by my Mac Mini (I use Amarra). It will read anything up to and including 96/24. I use software to down sample the few 192/24 files I have and that also sounds great.

This was my DAC for ten years. I bought it new from Wavelength. It always sounded really good as a V3 and the upgrade to N2 made it even better. Last year, mostly because time had passed, I tried to see if I could find something better and bought a (more expensive and more recent) R2R Holo Dac Spring 1 KTE edition (level 3), which got rave reviews from most people. It wasn’t even close to my ears. Even though the Spring has some qualities, the Brick V3 sounded much better overall to me: more musical, more balanced, more natural … and that was before the upgrade! As a professional musician, there is something that just sounds right about this DAC. I’ve used it to assess mixes and masters from my records (“The Turn”, “No Filter” etc). It's really that good.

I think Gordon Rankin's expertise as both a high level tube amp designer and someone who understands the intricacies of computer audio really well has paid off with his tube DACs, including this one. As someone who prefers analog in general, I find this DAC to be devoid of the weaknesses and weirdnesses that so often creep up in digital audio. I think it's actually quite rare to find something like that. It's easy to live with and musically engaging.

The only reason I am selling is that I am moving up the line of Wavelength DACs. I recently bought a fancier Wavelength Cosecant N2, so I don’t need to keep this.

You can see/hear the DAC in my system here (iPhone recordings so hardly hifi, but it will give you at least an idea … Please copy and paste the YouTube links):

Ray Charles: https://youtu.be/vEt7627ftc0
Bob Dylan: https://youtu.be/1vN781AzxsY
Jerome Sabbagh/Greg Tuohey Group (from my record “No Filter”): https://youtu.be/evw6XuYzwf0

You can audition in Brooklyn, NY. No returns. Paypal +4%. I will ship, double boxed and insured.

Any questions, please ask.

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