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JADE AUDIO VERMEIL GOLD 10.5 FT. SPEAKER CABLES with Furutech rhodium spades & FP-202 locking bananas

JADE AUDIO VERMEIL GOLD 10.5 FT. SPEAKER CABLES with Furutech rhodium spades & FP-202 locking bananas

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Vermeil Gold is a 99.99% pure gold plating on 99.99% pure silver wire. 10.5 feet end to end speaker cables with Furutech rhodium spade connectors on one end and Furutech FP-202 expandable locking rhodium bananas on the other end. The designer, JD MaCrae uses a variety of different gauge wires in the cable of varying thicknesses of gold plating based on the gauge of the wire. The individual wires are sleeved in cotton and sewn to a cotton core. These are extremely balanced and will far exceed your expectations to the point of dumbfoundedness!.The following is a post from an A'gon discussion about the Vermeils by the designer/builder himself...
"The vermeil is a heavily gold plated silver wire. Because it is silver, it does carry with it some sonic signature of silver. I'm not referring to speed or dynamics, they both do that equally, I'm talking about the glaze or haze found with silver. The gold plating has reduced this to an acceptable level" Vermeil Gold (gold plated silver conductors)"

And from the Jade website...This is a gold plated silver wire specifically developed for the Vermeil line. The silver wire is a 99.99% pure soft temper annealed silver wire. 99.99% pure gold plating is applied to the surface of the silver conductor in various thicknesses depending on the wire gauge. The finer wire has the thicker gold plating, allowing for more gold to be carrying the treble signal, thus greater color and hue in the treble notes. The heavier gauge wire has thinner gold plating, allowing the bass signal to benefit from the power and slam of silver. This allows for the unprecedented coefficient of resistance only found in silver while providing the sonic richness and naturalness of gold. Not only does this create a conductor beyond the performance of any other material, but due to gold’s resistance to corrosion, these wires are not prone to tarnish and any associated drop in performance. The other benefit is of course cost, for a fraction of the cost of solid gold, Vermeil wire provided 90% of the performance and 1/5th the cost.

"These conductors are sleeved in an unbleached cotton dielectric, this allows for only 5% of the wire surface to be in contact with the cotton leaving the remaining 95% in air. Cotton is second only to air as the best dielectric (meaning the least energy storage possible) so these wires are in effect given a perfect electrical potential. The additional benefit is dampening the conductor from macro and micro vibration, a little understood but easily proven influence resulting in smear and loss of clarity.

...And some excerpts from Positive Feedback issue 50...
The conductors are then incorporated with cotton piping that helps provide strength and relieve stress from the wires. An outer protective jacket is made from Carbon Fiber weave; this provides a durable covering as well as efficient absorption of high frequency interference. There is no Teflon in contact with any conductor for this design after discovering that Teflon created an unnatural brightness in every design we tried it with. In fact the conductors in these cables never touch any material other than cotton, air or the solder points at the connectors. Sweet and organic, holographic and rich... these cables are for the music lover and not the guy who is more into sound and gear. That is, these cables will make you forget about listening for something as opposed to listening to something.

Let them sit and leave then alone (they are not really shielded per se in the sense of having a shielded jacket so routing them to eliminate any noise issues is important) and you will be rewarded in a beautiful presentation rich in color and tonality. The Jade cables will though fall more into the richer side of neutrality being more 'colorful' and sweet. Not syrupy in the least nor of the 'euphonically colored' side of things, the Jades will remind you more of the best of tubes as opposed to the best of solid-state.

Meaning a rounded more relaxed presentation, one where space and ambiance is evident in spades... being 'naturally' rich in details and presence the Jades might sound at first softer or less resolving as competing other cables. I would say that you are still hearing the same level of details or whatever (as is evident when going back and forth with other cables in house), it is just not being pushed to the forefront or for a lack of a better explanation hyped due to some resonance in the wire. Based on Jade's explanations (and that of JD in conversations about his cable and their design) it would appear that the use of cotton, the cables' geometry, and hence the control of resonances seems to have paid off. You get it, just not there to draw attention to itself. With the Jades the music is presented without any smear, grit, grain, hype, or whatever. Details and whatnot are presented with a more delicate touch. One where the emphasis is not on the bits and pieces, but no the whole sonic tapestry. Nice and orgasmically organic. Organic?! What the #$@! is that all about? How can music sound organic? Think in terms of being artificial and/or less real. Yeah, I know that what we are playing back is a mere semblance of what was real, but we all know that sometimes it just sounds more real... more right... more organic and less fake. Make that less hifi-ish and more repetitive of something live and not synthetic. More like real people playing there or here... depending on one's preferences.
Though will all that in mind, the Jades also present the music with a slight emphasis in the bottom end... yeah, the bass is a wee bit softer and rounder, but match them with the Luminous cords and you got a match made in audio Heaven. This is no doubt the gold speaking here... of which the Vermeils in being only part gold had less of than the all gold References that I was only able to listen to oh so briefly before returning them to their owner (JD borrowed these from a customer so I could have a listen). Now they are also rather delicate in that one should treat them with respect and courtesy. No rough housing as they have the weight of a feather... well make that cotton and so when you handle them, keep that in mind. Highly recommended for those in search of a cable that stresses 'musicality of the whole' over the "look what I can do" with the parts.

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