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UberBuss Power Conditioner

UberBuss Power Conditioner

875.00 USD

  • Price 875.00 USD
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PI Audio UberBuss.  This has got to be one of the best power conditioners around -- especially at it's price!  Neutral and provides awesome dynamics.

Includes the upgraded, hand-polished "UberPuerto" receptacles.   $1300 new,  I'm selling for $875 plus shipping. 


From PI Audio:  


 "UberBUSS is a power filtration unit quite unlike others on the market. It is filtration only. There are no MOVs or other suppression devices to color the neutrality and introduce noise into the circuitry.
There are essentially three components in the UberBUSS. First, there is a reactive filter that absorbs and de-correlates the incoming AC noise. The filter has three sections: one for the H - N - G legs of the power. This leads to a Power Factor Correction network that increases the available power under the curve for enhanced dynamics - both micro and macro. Then there are AfterFilters on the receptacles to do more targeted noise reduction. This mainly keeps noise from the attached gear back-feeding into the main core of the UberBUSS.
The UberBUSS is current limited ONLY by the IEC power inlet. The main core will handle 40A all day long. There are no inductors used in the BUSSes. End to end inductance is < .003mH. End to end resistance is typically < 0.0035 ohms. This will vary with the inlet/outlet configurations.
The result is a dead black background... silence from a noise floor that is better than 125dB down. Enhanced dynamics coupled with the low noise floor reveal details never heard before. Neutrality was and is the design concept behind the UberBUSS. First, do no harm! Smooth neutrality is the sonic signature of the UberBUSS."






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