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  • Charles Lloyd's Home Video Free Until June 11, 2021



    Hey Guys, just a quick note about a new video I'll unofficially call Charles Lloyd's video diaries. The official title is Love Longing Loss, At Home with Charles Lloyd During a Year of the Plague and it's being portrayed as a documentary. However, after watching it I think it's more of a video diary than anything, but it's full of great music and great thoughts from Charles. The videos were filmed on iOS devices and Lumix cameras, with a production value that one would expect. A Zoom recorder captured the audio and it sounds good through my desktop Dynaudio speakers. 


    Fans of Charles Lloyd will find it interesting, others may be a little bored. Either way, give it a viewing and enjoy. 


    P.S. HiFi fans will be interested to see gear from Bowers & Wilkins, Audio Research, McIntosh, NAD, Adcom, Sony, and others I didn't quite catch. 


    The official site - https://boulezsaal.de/charles-lloyd-love-longing-loss



    charles lloyd video.jpg

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    not saying I'm a fan , but this is a picture of my 40+ Charles Lloyd LPs. Thanks for sharing, will be watching this evening. Catch a live show if you can. Just turned  83  so opportunities are limited. 


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    Yikes this so good!!!  Like an intimate visit with an old friend or an introduction to a non judgemental stranger on the edge of friendship.  Well done and well worth the time.

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