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    Apple's AirPlay 2 arrives today on Bluesound

    I recently spent some time with Bluesound at the CEDIA show in San Diego and can say this platform continuously gets better. Today is no exception in that AirPlay 2 is now available to all Bluesound customers with a Generation 2i product. 


    In the coming months we can also look forward to additional integrations between hardware manufacturers and the Bluesound platform. The time, expense, and expertise needed to create such a platform is way beyond anything the typical HiFi company can handle. Thus, Bluesound is a great fit for many manufacturers. The only problem is that many of them don't quite realize it yet :~)


    Anyway, here's a look at the pertinent information directly from Bluesound and pertinent information from Kirk McElhearn when he wrote about AirPlay 2 for us back in June, 2018 shortly after the release of this technology. 





    From Bluesound:


    "On December 11th, all Bluesound customers will be prompted to update their players to the latest version of BluOS, Bluesound’s award-winning, proprietary hi-res multiroom platform. For customers with Bluesound’s newest Generation 2i players, the software update will enable AirPlay 2. Gen 2i users can then stream music services, podcasts, audiobooks, movies, games, YouTube audio, TV sound and stored music from their iPhone, iPad, or Mac computer to any Bluesound Gen 2i player on the same WiFi network. The integration also gives Apple Music listeners the ability to control playback on their Bluesound Gen 2i using Siri voice control. 


    From streaming music to a NODE 2i in a hi-fi system to driving the latest Netflix movie soundtrack to a PULSE SOUNDBAR 2i, AirPlay 2 seamlessly integrates the power of iOS devices with the high-fidelity audio performance of Bluesound. Multiple Bluesound Gen 2i players can synchronously play the same stream, or users can opt to push different content to individual players around the home.


    The good news continues for Bluesound Gen 2i users with older Bluesound products in their home network. Using the BluOS Controller app, previous generation Bluesound players can be grouped with a new Gen 2i unit, allowing them to play the same AirPlay 2 streamed content.

    With AirPlay 2, Bluesound Gen 2i has become the ideal solution for Apple users looking for premium sound quality and seamless multi-room convenience."




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