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    PC HiFi - The Ten Commandments According To NHT

    <img src="http://www.computeraudiophile.com/files/bot-nht.gif" align="left" style="padding-left: 0pt; padding-top: 1pt; padding-bottom: 7pt; padding-right: 10pt"/> This is absolutely fabulous! I heard NHT was taking computer audiophile equipment seriously and decided to check out their products since I am in the market for some new desktop speakers. I read this list and it solidified my opinion that NHT is definitely one of the leaders in the computer audiophile market. NHT is leading the charge before many other companies even know they will have to jump on the bandwagon or go out of business. So, I present The Ten Commandments According To NHT. (from NHT.com).[PRBREAK][/PRBREAK]

    PC HiFi - The Ten Commandments According To NHT


    <strong>I.</strong> Thou shalt accept the fact that thou hath been a hi-fi snob. That thou might realize the possibility of high-rez audio from thy hard drive if thou shalt pay attention to the right things. Thou shalt never, ever refer to this media as crappy MP3's again! Thou shalt know a path from this dark place and it will be good.<!--more-->


    <strong>II.</strong> thou shalt always rip thy CD's in a lossless manner be it Apple Lossless, WMA Lossless, FLAC, or Wave. This will make thy music sound heavenly. Thou shalt use these formats that shalt keep thy music quality high while allowing compatibility with most of the popular playback devices and computer programs available (except FLAC WMA Lossless, which will not allow thy media to play on Apple's 100 million and growing iPod population). Thou shalt employ thy computer buddy if thou dost lack the knowledge of how to accomplish this task. If one is weak, one may chose 320k MP3 as well, but shalt know this format is lossy. Thou shalt hold NHT not liable for making any of these rules.


    <strong>III.</strong> Thou shalt save thy media not only on one hard drive (thy computer's) but two. Forever more one shalt be called your backup and thou shalt make sure there is some backup program enabled to do so automatically because thou shalt forget. thou shalt also begin lusting for terabyte hard drives...at first one, then two. realizing thy music and movie collection will populate and multiply.


    <strong>IV.</strong> thou shalt realize that thy little volume control programs on thy computer make thy music sound like crap unless thy open them all the way up. Since thou must ultimately cohabitate with others of thy type who might not appreciate thy musical choices at full blast, thou shalt acquire a device call NHT PVC and shalt acquire not two, but one said device and employ it at thy soonest convenience.


    <strong>V.</strong> thou shalt dispose of, n the most ecologically kind method, thy current multimedia speakers that thy either got free with thy computer or that thou may have purchased in a weak moment for like $30 a pair. Optionally, thou might accidentally drop a NHT M-00 on these items and crush them flat before disposal of them.


    <strong>VI.</strong> thou shalt purchase a quality pair of NHT M-00 amplified speakers, sometimes called active speakers or active monitors. Thy friends will taunt when they hear the silly name of these speakers but will see the light when they hear them. thou shalt also recommend the speaker with the silly name to all their friends.


    <strong>VII.</strong> Thou shalt raise thy speakers by any means possible except trickery off the surface of thy desktop, even a few inches, knowing that will make the sound noticeably better in every way.


    <strong>VIII.</strong> Thou shalt promise not to listen too loud, even in an enthusiastic moment, as one could damage one's ears in the process ad that is bad.


    <strong>IX.</strong> Thou shalt consider a compact subwoofer to enhance thy listening experience. thou shalt also consider a quality pair of in-ear monitors, and in thy process dispose of original earphones (with thy multimedia speakers) that came with thy device because they are crap. thou shalt avoid noise canceling on-ear type of headphones in favor of the in-ear monitors because thou shalt look less stupid having earphones larger than thy playback device.


    <strong>X.</strong> Thou shalt tell others of these truths and shalt enthusiastically convert at least one other to the path of PC HiFi and shalt make PC HiFi a permanent part of thy vocabulary.


    Here is a link to the <a href="http://nhthifi.com/">NHT site</a>where you can find their computer audiophile products and the rest of their well known and highly reviewed products.


    <center><img src="http://www.computeraudiophile.com/files/pic-pchifi.jpg"></center>


    P.S. I hope NHT doesn't make me take this down because it is really great and I am a big supporter of their products!

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