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    New Benchmark DAC1 PRE Stereo Playback Pre-amplifier

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    <img src="http://www.computeraudiophile.com/files/dac1pre_press.jpg" style="padding: 10pt 10pt 7pt 10pt;" align="left"> Benchmark just announced the next version of its DAC1, the DAC1 Pre. This is now the top of the DAC1 line and it interfaces not only with digital equipment, but with traditional analog equipment while still retaining all the features of the original DAC1 USB series. Benchmark created this DAC to interface directly with music servers among other equipment. I wish I wouldn't have purchased my DAC1 USB a month ago! Read more for the official press release from Benchmark. <!--more-->


    Benchmark announces the DAC1 PRE Stereo Playback Pre-amplifier at T.H.E. Show at St. Tropez Suite 1103 during the CES show in Las Vegas, NV, January 7-10, 2008






    Benchmark announces the DAC1 PRE Stereo Playback Pre-amplifier


    SYRACUSE, New York, January 4, 2008 - Benchmark Media Systems, Inc.,

    reinforces its position as a leading manufacturer of precision audio

    electronics with today's announcement of the DAC1 PRE stereo playback pre-

    amplifier. The new pre-amp will be unveiled at the T.H.E. Show (at St. Tropez

    Suite 1103) during the CES show in Las Vegas, NV, January 7-10, 2008.


    The DAC1 PRE is designed to interface directly with digital media devices such

    as CD and DVD players, music servers, satellite radio, digital cable boxes and

    televisions. In addition, it can interface with traditional analog sources

    such as phono pre-amps, analog tuners, etc. The DAC1 PRE is designed to act

    as the central hub in a high-performance stereo playback system.


    According to Elias Gwinn, Applications Engineer, "The DAC1 PRE offers the

    music lover an elegant combination of the most advanced D-to-A conversion,

    outboard computer audio technology, pristine analog audio circuitry, and

    reference-grade headphone amplification. The result is a central device that

    can bypass the inferior audio circuitry in all connected devices."


    Features of the DAC1 PRE include: 4 digital inputs, a USB computer input, a

    stereo analog input, 2 stereo analog outputs, 2 headphone outputs, and a true

    analog master volume control. Proprietary features include: Benchmark's

    jitter-immune UltraLock clock system, Benchmark's HPA2 0-ohm headphone

    amplifier, Benchmark?s AdvancedUSBTM 24-bit native USB computer audio

    interface, and Benchmark's DAC1 conversion system. The analog circuitry is

    driven by LM4562 premium opamps. Other features include selectable headphone

    gain ranges, power/standby button, high-current analog output drivers, and

    premium connectors.


    Vice President, John Siau, notes "The DAC1 PRE combines the no-compromise

    performance of the award-winning DAC1 with features that many will appreciate

    in a home setting. Nevertheless this is very much a professional quality

    product that is also built to meet the demanding needs of recording and

    mastering professionals. I have enjoyed the stunning delivery and breath-

    taking realism of Benchmark converters in my own home but have often needed

    additional inputs to connect all of my digital, computer, and analog sources.

    The DAC1 PRE delivers the connectivity that today?s systems require, without

    compromising performance or quality."


    Sales Manager, Rory Rall adds; "Since we first introduced the DAC1,

    audiophiles, recording engineers and mastering engineers praised the DAC1 for

    its ability to reveal every detail in a recording. They have also appreciated

    the ability to connect directly to power amplifiers and eliminate performance-

    robbing pre-amplifiers and volume controls. The DAC1 PRE offers our customers

    the performance of the DAC1, with the additional flexibility that many

    customers have requested."


    The new DAC1 PRE is expected to begin shipping worldwide in February, 2008 and

    will retail in the USA for $1,575.00. It can be ordered now, from Benchmark

    Media Systems or from any of their authorized dealers.


    For more information about Benchmark's current products visit:



    or email Benchmark Media at: [email protected]


    For more information about the T.H.E. Show visit:





    Benchmark Media Systems, Inc.

    5925 Court Street Road

    Syracuse, NY 13206-1707

    315-437-6300, FAX 315-437-8119


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