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    2018 End of Year Superphonica Note

    It has been almost one year since we launched our Superphonica marketplace. In that time the site has made terrific inroads with HiFi aficionados and high end brands around the world. The sales uptick as we get close to the end of 2018 has been really nice. I'm very excited about 2019 as we have more blue chip manufacturers coming onboard to offer products available nowhere else and we'll continue to increase private seller participation. 


    We like to think Superphonica is the Rolls Royce of marketplaces in that we try to make the experience commensurate with the luxury goods bought and sold through the site. In addition to look and feel, we also do our best to make sure the industry participants are companies that we feel great recommending to our friends and family. We've terminated and declined to work with a number of dealers and manufacturers, all in the name of creating the best marketplace for you. 


    As many of you know, we don't over-hype Superphonica here on CA. I've even had several people ask why it isn't publicized more because they had no idea it even existed. So, this is a short note to say we appreciate your support of the marketplace and encourage you to buy or sell on Superphonica as you see fit. 


    The revenue generated from Superphonica has already been used to create more content you like right here on CA. It's quite nice that people can buy items in which they are interested and that purchase helps fund more reviews and articles about other items within this wonderful HiFi hobby. It's a win-win.


    If you haven't browsed the Superphonica Brand Boutiques in a while, I highly recommend stopping by to see brand such as dCS, EMM Labs, Aurender, Ayre Acoustics, Constellation, Auralic, Micromega, and Dynaudio. Coming very soon we'll also launch a boutique for legendary HiFi manufacturer Boulder Amplifiers.


    dCS is selling the highly regarded Network Bridge reviewed here on CA and in many other publications. Emm Labs may have sold out of everything they've listed on Superphonica but you may want to check just to make sure. Aurender has been selling its truly wireless S5W loudspeakers that I reviewed favorably back in August, and it recently listed its CastFi 7 product in the boutique. Ayre Acoustics is selling its remaining new old stock of a few items that have since been discontinued, but the items are just as good as the day the products were announced. These and many other products can be found in the Brand Boutique section.


    dc-bb.png a-bb.png e-bb.png aa-bb.png c-bb.png au-bb.png m-bb.png d-bb.png b-bb.png




    For those who are only interested in items from private sellers, Superphonica now enables you to filter out the commercial sellers and only view what's for sale from private individuals. Here's a link - Private Sales

    I hope everyone that celebrates has a great holiday next week and we thank you for you continued support. 




    P.S. We have some really huge CA news coming January 1, 2019. The biggest news in the history of CA :~)

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    Funny, just noticed the banner for the Superphonica features a cassette tape and a consumer grade reel to reel tape. Seems odd for this site. 

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