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    Incredible Start To Munich High End 2019

    The Munich High End show for 2019 is in the can and boy what a show it was. The MOC exhibition hall was completely full. The show organizers said there was absolutely no way to squeeze one additional exhibitor into the space this year. I have no idea if attendance was up, down, or even, but I know I couldn't get into some rooms because the fire marshal said the rooms were too crowded. Not a bad problem to have if one is an exhibitor.


    Audiophile Style was officially represented by three people at this year's show and unofficially by many other readers and contributors. It was great to see everyone and spend time talking about the show, HiFi in general, and the great city of Munich.


    During one of the show days I took an unplanned trip off the beaten path. I'm working on my write-up of this wonderful experience and will publish it soon. 

    I'll post photos and videos of the 2019 Munich show along with my commentary in the coming days. This first report focuses on a specific event that started the show for me and couldn't have gone better and an additional room with similar speakers and electronics.


    I couldn't settle on a "Best of Show" this year likely because there were just so many rooms and exhibitors. By the end of the show I felt like I had walked through the Louvre for four days straight. There is just so much to look at and listen to that it's difficult to pick winners. 

    Here's my favorite moment of the show. As soon as I arrived to the MOC I received a text from Dynaudio's Mike Manousselis to let me know about a special press event taking place a few minutes later. I walked up to the Dynaudio suite to start the show and stumbled into the front row to witness an incredible performance by Dawn Joseph and her band. The performance was reproduced through Dynaudio speakers and Simaudio electronics. I got goosebumps watching and listening to this performance. Enjoy.





    Here is additional video of the Dynaudio portable recording booth / container that was outside in the sunshine. I received a little VIP tour inside before witnessing Dawn Joseph perform for the crowd.





    Dynaudio Unheard official video:






    After the opening festivities with Dynaudio I visited the Simaudio room where the company also used Dynaudio speakers. I'd just heard this combination with live music, now it was time to hear prerecorded music that was a bit more familiar to me. The Dyn/Sim combo didn't disappoint. The room was setup extremely well and the combination of electronics and speakers was selected equally as well for the room. Hats off to both Dynaudio and Simaudio for reproducing music exceptionally well.





    First piece of music

    Artist: Dominique Fils-Aimé

    Album: Nameless

    Track: Rise

    Qobuz: https://open.qobuz.com/track/46264844


    Second piece of music:

    Artist: Agnes Obel

    Album: Aventine

    Track: The Curse

    Tidal Link: https://tidal.com/track/37351367



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    I just love the quality of your Iphone XR (?) videos.
    The 6s I used was really at it's limit with its luminous sensivity for most of the rooms. ;-(
    Cheers, Tom

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    Those are very nice quality videos sir. 

    And that lady singer I like her too. 


    Now that's a good style to report a music/audio show to an audiophile audience. 


    Can I borrow one of your videos to share with friends @ another audiophile site? 

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    5 minutes ago, Axial said:

    Can I borrow one of your videos to share with friends @ another audiophile site? 


    The YouTube videos can be shared easily. The other ones can’t be embedded due to copyright claims by the music rights holders. 

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    On 5/15/2019 at 11:18 AM, AudioDoctor said:

    Chris, you cold have seen our own Dessa while over there too! I bet it would not have been hard to find her close by on that day off.


    Do you have a set of instructions on how to locate some music of hers?

    Dessa is her name? 


    That must be her:


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    @Axial Yep, that's her and she's amazing!


    Qobuz has some of her music, I don't know about TIDAL. I am sure you can buy CDs and such on Amazon, plus here is her website:



    According to her Instagram, she went back to the brunette haircut...  I think Dessa is just gorgeous and way too cool for me!


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    Yes I checked already several places to sample her music, and consequently some of her background and history.


    I didn't know when I've first read the post mentioning "Dessa" if it was the name of an artist singer. I thought it meant like a "Diva" local to Munich or region. 

    So I took a chance after asking about if it was her name and Google indeed confirmed it. 

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