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A recent Qobuz offer - 2 month free testing gift code (expired)


Bonjour Blog readers!

I have received information from Qobuz that right right now the standard 1-month trial has been enhanced to a 2 month sequence, using this link and the code below. Though, I have no idea how long the offer will be valid, you better redeem asap ;-)

image 1.png

I have also understood that this offer is limited to the 24 countries Qobuz operates and read that it may work adding that gift code to your existing subscription. The link works only without VPN, or at least using NORD VPN it just didn't.


Enjoy! Tom

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It might be possible that the deal was retired prematurely, because it found less adored admiration on a French Deal site. I'll keep you posted if I get news. Perhaps, next time I will give away opportunities like that only through PM.

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