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An Xmas Mixtape for the AS readers / members chez Qobuz


How boring ;-)

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Stop right there!

The tapes are coming back …. Just click here …



It’s a thing. And it brings up memories.

I had roughly 2 decades in my life in which I was working with tapes. From cutting music from the radio to the annual distribution of year’s end mix tapes to my friends.
My oldest friend Peter may have received some 5 dozen tapes over that period and some other – more distanced - friends were starting calling me when I stopped that habit after I retired the tape deck. Some others were wearing their tapes as a badge of honor.
I had only one girlfriend ever that returned that favor to me, Molly, my love …

Just enjoying assembling playlists for my friends and lovers, sometime with a twitch, sometimes with a message, sometimes even without a theme.

As I was contemplating this blog entry I was as well participating in Best Cover Records thread which covers for me a one of my audio habits: finding excellent cover recordings of songs I like. Accidently, the thread has had its tenth birthday on December, 1st.

This year, I did a service for Peter, delivering him the music of our youth in a couple (or more) of cover songs. However, in modern times the urge to put them into an order to consume is much lighter as it was 30 years ago. And even then I tried to guide him with defined playlists - but the results he got on Volumio just didn’t work for him, he was stressed and not in the mood to get the things that he was looking for from my gift. I felt, I’ve somehow failed, consequently for this xmas tape collection, which is entirely made of cover versions, I just clicked on order by Label, to get the content presented in some specific unspecific order.


This xmas tape for anyone who like to listen to a predominantly rock oriented mix with some jazzy and some classic notes to it, can be found exclusively at Qobuz


Because I really like this idea – I’d be happy to receive feedback from the readers, perhaps with “tape”-playlists with a different focus, perhaps Jazz, Fado, Blues or classical tunes ? Year-end list are welcome as well … don’t be shy ;-)

Already in a festive mood, Tom

PS: My avatar arrived at 12 years yesterday, thus here are some pics from a (proud dog dad) sweet dog's life







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