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Saturday evening was a testing one.



The setup of the device via Bluetooth using the WiiM HOME app did work smoothly. But I rather like BubbleUPNP for playback cues. JRIVER and FOOBAR detected the device sans fault.

Checking out the killer feature of the WiiM, the 24bit 192 hz digital output to an external DAC. It didn't work at the beginning  with native bitrates, but worked well with 24bit 96hz, though. Or with down sampled streams from JRIVER or BubbleUNPN.


As it didn't work out with the Toslink cable provided by WIIM, I used my go- to Toslink cable from Kabel Direkt pro (Amazon low budget ware), bingo, I had success using BubbleUNPN from my mobile to different DACs with TOSLINK input. From a Billy Holiday mono track to Miles Davis' "Flamenco Sketches", it played files up to 200mb of 24bit/192kHz FLAC files almost spotless.

On Sunday morning I've inspected the FFID.io website for the Linkplay modules in order to confirm which module they use for the WiiM, and as far as I could approach to the truth from looking at the pictures, it seems like the A97 or a slightly modified option of the same module is built into the device. The WiiM module , tested by FFID in 09/ 2021,  provides the BT 5.2 plus 2.4Ghz (EEE802.11a/b/g/n/ac2) and 5GHz (EEE802.11a/n/ac1x1) WiFi connectivity, which is in accordance with the A97 specs.

Finally on Sunday afternoon, I tacked the unit with Blue Tack on my little Soncoz DAC, which seemed to work for the moment. However, even my finance ministry thinks I should asap get a VAT number for selling all these cables which populate my office. Furthermore, I came to notice that the connections in question are only available here in 5 meter length, XLR-2-XLR for feeding the Airpulse A300 Active in balanced mode from the Soncoz LA-QXD DAC, and the only Toslink Cable in my closet that provided me with the possibility to output 24bit - 192hz to the DAC.


Yes, as mentioned above, the provided digital connection cable did not work on the three DACs that I tested for the desired bandwidth, nor did the other two short Toslink cables I happened to have lying around. The 5m Kabel Direkt Pro from Amazon - otoh - did work with all of them.
Which makes about 15 meter of cables on the In/output of the lightweight Soncoz-WiiM double team, without the USB power feed for both devices.
I've overheard my audiophile retrievers talking about their recent combats with anacondas in the audio room and Boa Constrictors in the bureau, when gossiping with their dog buddies in the neighborhood. Thus, I finally gave in, and went on to order some smaller sized digital cables, which should arrive for the weekend.

Small test report from yesterday and this afternoon:

When properly connected everything seems to work flawlessly Sunday afternoon, the only thing I noticed is the absence of gapless playback (for those who think it is a killer feature) and a single hick-up during the playback of 24/192 via WiFi and Toslink (Path: PC-JRiver-Ethernet-Router-Wifi-WiiM-Soncoz-A300) somewhere in the middle of the file.  Better performance later with the shortest path: SamsungS20-Local files-BubbleUpnP - Wifi-Router-Wifi - WiiM-Soncoz-A300)

Screenshot_20220409-222405_WiiM Home.jpg

Just remember the go-to-files for testing are now Rush's "2112 - Overture" and  "November Rain - Piano Version 1986" from G N' R in 24bit - 192 kHz, summing up to about 1,1 Gigabyte of High Res music. If these are running smoothly your WiFi can't be that bad and the device tested neither, in my book. Initially setting 24 h without reset failed, resetting the devices worked wonders.

However, power supply source may also be important because the DAC uses the digital input and the balanced output. I'll continue testing over Easter when the new cables may prove to be a good fit.



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