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Pretty much excited to get the WIIM mini Airplay 2 in my hands tonight.



What's that ? It's kind of chromecast on XTC for music lovers.


A lightweight puck of 48 gramms, infused with technology of from Linkplay Technolgy Inc, Newark, California,  who owns the brand Wiim, which once was called WiimU and has its home in Nanjing, China, somewhere between Shanghai and Wuhan.

Funny thing is, I bought it at Amazon.fr from a company called Arylic-Eu.com, which is the brand name of Rakoit.com, another Chinese enterprise from Shenzhen. This company has contacted me a couple of weeks ago about reviewing some of their products from the Arylic multiroom streamer & DIY range.  While I was first a bit reluctant (like: to many devices with overdue technology), I've noticed their announcement of a new DIY streamer using the ESS Sabre 9038q2m chip, which I had under review with several devices in the past 4 years.
Now I am back in comms with them to receive that HD DAC device plus the S50 pro+ streaming pre-amplifier, because of all reasons, I am very curious to find solutions for the questions that arrive constantly in the Q&A sub forums. And It seems to be a wise idea to review these little devices before pointing to them in the forums.

For example when people looking for Airplay 2 to their "not-so-´recent" system or Qobuz integration or Spotify/Tidal connect , or just streaming from one room in the other to active speakers. Or just for a Sonos-like device for a fraction of the price.  If asked for a streamer, some of the generous and helpful folks here and I, often refer to the iFi stream as the baseline, if gents aren't much interested in RPI technology like the ALLO Boss. Not to mention that there is a wide variety of streaming devices available above 1k$, but that's rarely the entry level of a newbie who asks for directions.

The WiiM is at a third of the price at 99$ and it is announced to be capable to output 24/192 over digital (Coax/SPDiF) to your DAC, after one of the upcoming firmware updates.


While the last generation of affordable streaming devices (like Audioengine, Primare NP5, Bluesound Node,  Arylic) may haven't been the last dip of wisdom, there is - as far as I have understood - a new Linkplay board generation in the market (A87 und upwards) which shows higher connectivity and better performance all the way.  And there is an app for the Wiim for Apple/Android - WiiM Home APP - which is very close to the App used by Arylic. I'll check out if both work with the device.
The Wiim is as well compatible with Alexa & Siri.

There is also a review/measurement in the pipe over at Amir's, and the ASR guys have already populated a 15-page threat about the WiiM (I checked in there after I bought the unit yesterday afternoon).
Here are some basic specs and a link to teardown by IXBT from Russia.

The user manual is attached.wiim_mini_um_1.pdf


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