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PuRiFi based Surveyor by JGC & Rose Handwerk



Joachim Gerhard Collection & Rose Handwerk: PuRiFi based speaker design



Some of you may have heard about Joachim Gerhard, the créateur of Michael Fremer's beloved Audio Physic Virgo speaker and founder of Audio Physic, Sonics and Suesskind Audio.

In Europe he is often referred to as the "German Pope of High End Speakers" ... Nevermind, this century there has already seen a German Pope of the Catholic Church - from Bavaria - whose reign didn't last as long as Joachim Gerhard's dominion in the high end audio scene.

While he still operates under the moniker Suesskind Audio, offering handmade loudspeakers - made in Germany, he has widened his activities through a co-operative project with Rose Handwerk's Markus Grelka, a master of wood craft & design and like Gerhard located in the Sauerland region, somewhere in the middle of Germany, roughly between Frankfurt and Hannover.

The  Joachim Gerhard Collection - referring with its slogan "Made in Sauerland" to this regional aspect of the product - shows to date 9 different speakers on their homepage, sharing the details about the Surveyor, the PuRiFi woofer based standmounts, only recently last week.

If you are interested in the progress on their collaboration their Instagram makes a good feed.

If you look at the pictures and feel that the PuRiFi drivers is looking fugly - you may have a point - but that design comes not without a reason! You may find the full explanation at Erin's video interview with Lars Risbo after minute 46.

I had a chat with Markus before Christmas and was told that a pair of Surveyor's should make a trip to the US this year and forwarded @the computer audiophile contact details, pointing him to  @mitchco's review of the Purifi evaluation kit last year.  Just as many things under the influence of the worldwide crisis won't run as preferred, plans are in line - but still postponed.

The Surveyor  combines a two driver design pairing PuRiFi's 6.5 woofer and a special edition of the  waveguided ViaWave SRT145 True Ribbon tweeter (buzzword - nano-crystalline magnets!) from Russian origin, together with double antipodal passive radiators for extended FR in the low end. The crossover is designed by Joachim Gerhard, the hand crafted speaker will leave the manufacturer in Germany for 6900 Euros (VAT included).
6moons called it a 4-way design.

With  permission of the owner I have chosen some images to be  found within his instagram presence to present you a different vision of these beautiful transducers.

Personally, me or Audiophile Style have no financial interest whatsoever with the manufacturer or the product, and I got behind that product as a follow up on our 2019 range of PuRiFi related articles, finding a link to this speaker through Lars's LinkedIn hub.

Here is the manufacturer's description from their homepage


2 way compact loudspeaker with passive diaphragm.
Extremely low resonance cabinet with minimal sound leakage.
40mm solid wood baffle.
Large baffle chamfers minimize edge diffraction.
Transitional crossover.
Midwoofer with long-stroke performance (+-10mm) and ultra low distortion.
State of the Art Ribbon tweeter

Technical data:

Impedance: 4 Ohm
Efficiency: 86dB / 1m / 2,85V
Power handling: 160W
Amplifier recommendation: 2 x 50W Class AB transistor or Class D, 2 x 20W tube or Class A
Frequency response: ( -3dB ) 36Hz – 40kHz
Linearity: 200Hz – 20kHz, +- 2dB
Distortion factor at 90dB below 0,2% above 200Hz
Transitional Crossover
Xoverpoint 2200 Hz


Width baffle and pedestal: 20cm
Total width with aluminum clasp feet: 28cm
Total height incl. pedestal and and feet: 43cm, without feet 41cm
Depth corpus: 32cm
Depth of corpus and baffle: 36cm
Depth pedestal: 40cm
Depth from baffle front to rear edge of pedestal: 44cm
Weight: 11kg

Tweeter with solid metal waveguide. Ribbon membrane with excellent omnidirectional sound and extended frequency response up to 40kHz.
Midwoofer with extreme long stroke (+-10mm) and ultra linear motor for lowest distortions.



Edit: The contribution got lost in the events surrounding a family tragedy in Spring 2021. Hope it is still relevant today. Tom.


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Any details about how this very interesting loudspeaker performs musically would be wonderful.

A video with well recorded material would be so cool.

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