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Audio for dummies (part 1)



Monday was not a good day for me.  I was told this:



My hopes to recreate the Duke Ellington Orchestra in my living room were shattered... I knew my 2000€ speakers were not quite up to the task, but I was hoping that perhaps investing a little more in my system would somehow get me there. Reading review after review on this very site (and many others) I had been led to believe that I would experience the music as if the performer was in the room.


Maybe I should find other hobbies, like "cute girls and Porsches" ? But I feel I'm a bit too old for that, and I don't even have my driver's license.

Anyway, I feel that this website should make it clearer for dummies like me: everything you've been told about high-end audio is not true


So where does that leave us ? What can we expect ? We'll see in part 2 of "Audio for Dummies (like me)"


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Looking forward to part2 @Hopkins!


BTW - realism isn't performers in your room, its you transported to the performance. That's because performers in your room would still have your room's acoustic space - by far not as interesting as the venue's acoustic.

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What are you complaining about ? You tell me I am wasting my time "flogging a dead horse", and I tell you not to waste your time following this. 

If you think that was unpleasant, let me make it clearer to you: get lost. I don't need your lessons and pity.

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If it's good you get  a decent illusion that they are in the room. It will never actually really sound that way. That's just typical audiophile BS.

You also don't need megabucks to get there. Not peanuts either,  but not megabucks.


My system makes me smile and tap my feet and sing. Fairly good "in the room" illusion. 

That's what it's about.


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As @opus101 stated, what can happen - being serious for a sec, 🙂 - is that the part of the room beyond the plane of the speakers is sliced off, and the world of the recording is then attached to fill that gap ... which can be tiny, or huge, always defined by the way the recording was made.


The vibe of the music is a given in this illusion, always assuming that the performers weren't in a "flogging a dead horse" mindset at the time, 😉.

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