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Loren Schoenberg on Ben Webster




Loren Schoenberg (of the the National Jazz Museum in Harlem) has published a four part lecture on Ben Webster on YouTube. 


The production is not of the highest quality (but the content easily makes up for it), and some of the tracks are better heard on youtube directly or from your collection, if you can find them. There are quite a few rarities.



Part 1:



Part 2:



Part 3:



Part 4: 






An excellent "solography" of Ben Webster is available here, to discover some of his best tracks: http://www.jazzarcheology.com/?s=ben+webster


Here's a good one, with Johnny Hodges, recorded live at the Jazz Cellar in San Francisco (the song is also titled "One For Duke" on another release), on November 22, 1960:





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I forgot to mention that on the Johnny Hodges / Ben Webster track the first sax solo is by Hodges and the second by Webster. Fascinating to compare theses two great musicians. 

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