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The Human Factor in Audio Systems



In a couple of responses to one of my blog entries there were some thoughtful comments about how we humans perceive sound and changes in sound.  Human perception is a very complex and is subject to many influences.  I do not pretend to understand them.  The influences around us are sometimes very hard to recognize. Things like confirmation bias are very real.  I want to at least recognize the fact that there are things that influence our perception that we should try to understand.  


This blog is about Audio technology, terminology and physical things. It is targeted to be simple and informative.  I would like to acknowledge human factors with this blog post as an important part of our learning and enjoyment of audio.  I hope to learn some things.  Maybe this is a start!


Here is an optical perception problem that could be considered a parallel here:


What color is a bluejay?

Looks deceive.








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