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The High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) standard has overshadowed almost any other means of providing a digital video signal from a source to a display.  It combines video, audio, control and more in a single cable and connector.  The standard has been evolving since it's inception.  The electrical properties of the cabling have changed and a whole lot more.  The standard is controlled by a single entity, and they are almost rabid about enforcing licensing.    


While the idea is a good one, simplify hooking video devices to one and other is great there are some dark sides.  There are DRM control methods in the system, and some of the control methods are less than perfect in operation.  HDMI boards in A/V receivers are prone to issues such as mechanical and electrical damage due to users no powering devices off when changing cables.    HDMI is is a very complex system.


You can read a lot more here: https://www.hdmi.org




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