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The Truth about Apple. Why they hate us.

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Apple hates audiophiles.  They have made Billions off of iTunes, but deep down inside their cold, code driven hearts they hate us.  They are bloodless, they don't enjoy music except as an entry on their accounts receivable ledger. They don't enjoy sex because it can't be monetized in a family-friendly environment.  Every update that is spewed from Cupertino is just an excuse to damage the free flow of music through our assorted DACs.  One update kills W4S DAC-2, the next update is unwittingly targeted against some other innocent.


A History:  (This is a true story.....in respect for the dead the names have been changed.  In respect for the living the story is represented as true)


Jane graduates from CalTech.  She is smart, she received excellent grades and she is very technically adept, she can code with the best of them.  She did the right internships, checked all the boxes with the right professors and mentors.  She applied to several tech companies and, upon graduation, she accepted a job at Apple.


Jane's first assignment at Apple is to work on OS X whatever.  The new update to the existing operating system.

Now she is on her own.  As a junior member of the team, she knows she must contribute something.  Even if the customer has no need or desire for an upgrade, Jane has to change something, improve something, do something to justify her employment.


Well multiply Jane by 1001 and you get the picture.  Young engineers and coders who have never heard of Miles Davis, who think music is some thin screech supported by a computer generated bass line emitting from a .27cent ear bud and you can see why the so called updates to our operating systems are, for the audiophile, much more trouble than they are worth.



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