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Hello Computer Audiophile, sorry if my english is bad guys. Well here's the problem I'm facing right now, both my PC and Sony Vaoi laptop are Realtek HD Sound Card, my laptop have this HDMI port, sometimes I use the HDMI as a DAC, well it seems that I can't afford any DAC at the moment, well my HDMI audio device only output up to 16/48 only, doesn't reach to 24/192 as any HDMI said that it can output to 24/192 that far. Well, back to the problem, I'm using JRiver Media Center 17, foobar2000, Aimp3 and Winamp. Right now I've read CA's FAQs and I just read about Windows internal DACs is mostly will output worst audio signal, and upsampling downsampling problem. I've one set my Windows Sound to 24/96kHz from the Control Panel and just play 16/44.1 and 16/48 file without thinking bit transparency of an audio. Right now I'm setting back to 16/44.1kHz to play 16bit 44.1 audio. Can this be fixed? I don't own any USB DACs but really need one, the problem is that money is the 1st thing to buy these best USB DACs, maybe affordable USB DACs will be my choice around $200 below. Well for now, how can I get BitPerfect from these players itself, do I have to change the Output Format from the control panel when everytime I wanted to play the right sample and bit depth for a music. What is the best choice, WASAPI or ASIO? I noticed that when everytime when I play a song that is 16/44.1 from JRiverMC 17 using ASIO I get this output playing my audio in 32bit/44.1? But when using WASAPI I get the right output for the music, I'm very happy for that it always plays the music at the right output. I have 24/96 Dream Theater A Turn Of Dramatic Events, I love this band and their music is so good. Ok now, when I wanted to play these 24/96kHz do I have to go back to the control panel and change the output format back to 24bit, 96000Hz (Studio Quality) setting? I'm very confused, does every USB DACs will solved all these problem? I don't need to change anything when play a 24/96 or 16/44.1 when I owned a USB DAC?


Thanks Guys and sorry again for a bad english!

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Both WASAPI and ASIO provide bit perfect playback.  They should sound the same.  However, there may be differences in stability.  If your DAC comes with an ASIO driver, it is likely the most stable way to run.  Otherwise, use WASAPI.  Don't bother with third party stuff like ASIO for all.

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