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About this blog

Hi Ya!
Not all ideas &  equipment that arrives on my desk will find their path to the Audiophile Style's frontpage.
Sometimes my reviews doesn't qualify for the spotligtht, sometimes the device doesn't fulllfill expectations, sometimes the blog can circumvent publishing schedules ... There are many good reasons to start a blog here. En plus -  reflecting on DACs or writing reviews about new recordings are nice options as well.
Feel free to enjoy!!

Entries in this blog

DA, DAW, AIO and nCore

I have already posted the pics and the links for the Audiophonics.fr DA and DAW all-in-one amplifier here. Here are the links to Audiophonics . DA250NC and DAW250NC . From my personal experience with AIO amplifiers, the integration of different PCBs with specialized services & functions, like DAC input /output, Wifi and BT input isn’t easy-peasy at all. You’ll get something wrong in the firmware, and your units suddenly lose a lot of their value. No UPnP/DLNA? Meh! Spdif in


DuckToller in Amplifier

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