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Interesting Conversations Elsewhere ...

Just came across this thread, on ASR, https://www.audio “science” review/forum/index.php?threads/those-of-you-who-believe-measurements-arent-the-whole-story-do-you-have-a-hypothesis-why-that-is.25416/. This has the usual round of non-thinking comments, but at least a couple of posters are putting up some interesting contributions. In particular, escksu. And, atmasphere - as a manufacturer of tube amps, he's game to want to join in, .

Video clips of interest ...

Just noted this one, demonstrating an nominally high performance DAC,     Unfortunately, very strong system signature - quite obviously this is playback; has a "boxed in" quality, for a start. Unlikely to be caused by the DAC - note how the backing strings lack the sheen that this part of the mix should have.


fas42 in Creating Stereo Magic

The Purpose of Audio Reproduction

Time to crack this back open again, 😄.   Yes, what's the point? There could be a zillion answers, but my answer is to be true to the contents of a recording ... I was going to post this to that unloved thread, now gone to zombie land, but I'll do it here, instead,     Bit of a mess, eh? And, this is the remaster, from 2015!! - I've got it on a double CD from 1998 - a low cost release - sludgy, plus? ... You bet!   What should a system do to, for this?

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